Jul 19, 2019

Honda VT750C Cruiser Wiring Issue Recall

Product Safety Recall for Honda VT750C Cruisers.

Honda VT750C Cruiser Wiring Issue Recall
Honda VT750C Cruiser Wiring Issue Recall – 2010 to 2015 models of the Honda cruiser are affected.

A product safety recall has been issued for Honda VT750C cruisers for a potential wiring harness issue.

Only eight Honda bikes sold in Australia are affected by the recall.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recall notice saying that the fault could see the Bank Angle Sensor wiring harness break after prolonged use.

If the harness breaks, the engine may cut out without warning and be unable to be re-started, posing an accident hazard.

Affected Honda VT750C motorcycle were sold from 2010 through to 2015.

Owners are advised to contact their nearest Honda Dealer and arrange to have their motorcycle inspected and repaired at their earliest possible opportunity.

Steve McDowall