Women In Motorcycling: Tarran Deane

Tarran Deane
Tarran is an Executive Coach, Author, Business Strategist and Keynote Speaker - and an avid motorcyclist.

In the first of a series of stories we have planned with women motorcyclists, we catch up with Tarran Deane.

Tarran is an Executive Coach, Author, Business Strategist and highly sought after Keynote Speaker.

Tarran is also an avid motorcyclist and recently joined us on the SMART Rider course, which gave me the perfect opportunity to sit down with her and gain an insight into how motorcycling fits in with her busy lifestyle and compliments her business success.

“Grace and grit” – is a quote attributed to Tarran and it seems so appropriate when you spend time with this charming lady.

Tarran grew up on a farm in the Tamworth area and recalls being around bikes as a young girl.

“My first experience with motorcycles was sharing my Dad’s Yamaha TT 250 back in the day, before moving onto the farm’s Kawasaki 175.”

“I remember one Christmas when I was 13 yearning for my very own bike and wrestling with my feelings when my younger brother, who was 3, received a Peewee 50 for Christmas. Those school holidays I had to run beside him to make sure he didn’t fall off the bike.”

“I never let go of the vision of one day having my own bike. Right then though I knew I needed to learn the lesson of being grateful for that ping pong table I received. Ironic!”

Tell me about your bikes then…

“My first road bike was an LS 650 BMW, before moving on to the Ducati 600 Monster, the red one. Ducati’s have become my bike of choice, and my current Ducati is the 800 S2R.”

And where did you find that bike?

“My husband Dave actually found it online.”

“We have been riding enthusiasts for decades, Dave for 38 years, me for 20. I grew up on the farm, riding horses and the trail bikes. For many years I was a pillion passenger but that didn’t last. I wanted my own steed. So, I swapped horses for horsepower.”

“I’d been really comfortable on the 600 Monster for a long time. Another mate, Steve, that we’d ride with quite regularly, and Dave were talking about the power of the 600 and thought I might like a bit more. They were right. Dave was scanning through something online and came across it.”

“Heading up to Brisbane I popped in at Springwood and took a look at her, expecting black and charcoal. There it was – with a mauve stripe!”

“Getting my head around it, I double-checked Dave knew that it was mauve and black vs. charcoal and black. He knew. The salesman and I started her up and I was sold on it AND I’m loving the colour.

“The Zards exhaust on it sounds amazing!”

Do you remember learning to ride?

“I can remember my dad zooming around the paddocks on the bikes and I think as a young person, what we do is we learn a lot through observing.”

“My initial recollection is him standing beside the bike and talking with me about the throttle and the clutch, and there is one instance, one significant instance that I’ve mentioned in a couple of presentations when I talk about trust.”

“There was a place our parents took us out to, a reserve where you could take all the bikes out. There was significant erosion down through a gully and Dad was teaching me how to slow ride and come down a gully.”

“I remember being terrified because I didn’t know how it worked.”

“I didn’t know how the machine worked and it wasn’t the case that I didn’t trust Dad, I didn’t know how it worked, so my learning style was different and he was standing at the bottom saying, ‘Just let the engine do the work as you’re coming down the gully,’ and I’m like, ‘I can’t do it!'”

“For me it was a really interesting point and I use that analogy when it comes to training and change in the workplace and leadership and that occasionally, when we receive push-back as leaders when we’re trying to implement a change program, it’s not that the individuals don’t trust us, it’s just that they don’t know how the machine’s going to work.”

“We need to explain the mechanics of it to them in a way that takes into account their learning styles.”

Do you think that’s more prominent in women than in men?

“There is a common thread when I see that people are very fearful of messing up, and as a way of helping them feel empowered, they’ll ask more questions.”

“In terms of fearlessness, stereo-typically I would say that men have typically been more fearless because they haven’t been as concerned about what other people think and they’ll just go out and have a crack at it.”

“Historically, between the 1970’s to 1980’s, we’ve seen a more public emergence of women beginning to step into their own sense of empowerment. There’s been a shifting demographic within families for example, where it’s gone from single income to dual income.”

“We’ve seen younger women begin to feel empowered and increasingly financially independent. Many women are having children later in life, can’t have children or choose not to and in their own time step outside old community norms and stereotypes to have some fun and pursue their passions, without sacrificing their priorities.”

“We’re seeing women at every level realise that it comes back to communication with their inner circle, their spouses, their families, their kids, their colleagues, and as long as they’re talking things through, they’re able to exercise choice and with that choice comes a sense of empowerment.”

“What I’ve recognised is there are still triggers, predominantly in females, that at times hold us back from pursuing the very thing that we love, and those triggers include rejection, which is ultimately the root cause of why people are afraid of failing, because they want approval, they want acceptance, they want to belong – and they don’t want to disappoint those they care about or whose opinions really matter to them.”

Tarran Deane SMART Rider course
Tarran recently joined us on our SMART Rider course.

Motorcycling features a lot in your corporate world doesn’t it?

“Yes, the bike features a lot in my presentations including an official video we use as a 30-second intro when I speak at an event.”

“I remember presenting to a group of engineers in Victoria, it was the first time someone asked me at an event if it was a midlife crisis? I just went, ‘Wow, that says more about you than it says about me!'”

“It’s sometimes difficult for people to reconcile, because of their own life experience or bias, that there are other experiences out there. As a 6 foot tall Aussie, with long blonde hair who happens to ride Ducatis, I shake the old stereotype of women motorcycle riders and love being strong, feminine and adventurous.”

“Grace and grit.”

That’s a fantastic way to put it – where did that expression come from?

“I think it actually might have been President Obama speaking of Michelle. I liked the phrase so much I went, ‘Yeah, that’s it.'”

“The whole ethos behind my company Corporate Cinderella came into being one rainy Saturday afternoon as I was watching a Drew Barrymore movie called ‘Ever After’.”

“I was looking at this film thinking, she’s the right combination of strength and femininity. I’ll use the term now of ‘Grace and Grit’ because the character showed great courage, she showed that innovation didn’t have to be something completely new, it’s just a new way of looking at an existing problem.”

“She negotiated for the rights of the people, she was diligent in the performance of the duty, she executed well, she maintained relationships and did not shy away from robust conversations. She had an energy and a vibrancy to her. She understood the laws of the land. She leveraged her position for good and she embraced the sense of adventure.”

“Those words all form C-I-N-D-E-R-E-L-L-A. Courage, Innovation, Negotiation, Diligence, Execution, Relationships, Energy, Laws so Legislation, Leverage, and Adventure.”

“There are a lot of us that are full of grace and grit, and one of my core values is adventure. My husband’s an avid surfer and I love that, but I need cornering, I need action, I need a little bit of speed and that’s always within the limits but it’s still different on a bike than it is in a car. And really, I’m so not a surfer.”

And finally, what would you say to women thinking of getting into motorcycling?

“Do it for yourself. Not for image, not for street creed. Do it because it’s something that you truly enjoy or that you would like to learn how to enjoy so that you’ve got a little something for yourself. In that phase you’ll discover more things about yourself and your character as well as having fun in the process. It doesn’t mean that you’re having a midlife crisis. It just means if you have something that you desire to step into yourself and embrace life, if motorcycling is your thing then do it and ride your own damn bike.”


Tarran Deane CEO Corporate CinderellaTarran Deane is the CEO of Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company.

Wife, Mum and Step Mum to four daughters, Tarran is a regular Commentator on life and leadership.

You’ll find Tarran wearing optimism like a robe and smiling boldly at the future. Tarran brings a warmth, curiosity and call to action in everyday situations!

From fleeing Victoria Bus Station in London as a 17 year old, at the height of the IRA bomb raids, walking the runway as a National Finalist in the Face of Australis, to stepping up into key influential roles in Australia’s Not for Profit sector, and now running alongside leaders from diverse industries including finance, engineering, mining, health, ministry, associations, government, private enterprise, retail, hospitality and tourism, this woman is adept at changing lanes and making sure no one gets left behind on the journey.

Learn more about this extraordinary individual at www.tarrandeane.com


Harley-Davidson Poised To Buy Ducati?

Harley-Davidson and Ducati logos
Rumours are rife that Harley-Davidson is looking at buying Ducati!

Is Harley-Davidson about to buy Ducati?

There are murmurings on the grapevine that Harley-Davidson is reportedly looking to purchase Italian brand Ducati.

The rumours have stemmed from a Reuters report which also hinted that Goldman Sachs has been hired to negotiate the deal which could be worth in excess of €1.5b ($2.2b).

Parent company Volkswagen/Audi purchased Ducati in 2012 and may be looking to offload it to help pay off their fines incurred in the Dieselgate scandal.

The sale of Ducati was suggested as far back as December 2015 as a possible solution to Volkswagen’s problems, but Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali has officially denounced the rumours.

Other interested parties include several companies from China and India as well as Royal Enfield.

Harley-Davidson provided no comment on the issue.

Stay tuned for more updates.

LCR Stays With Honda And Resigns Cal Crutchlow

Cal Crutchlow
Cal Crutchlow will remain with the LCR Honda outfit for a further two years.

Joint announcement from LCR Honda confirming the resigning of Cal Crutchlow for the next two seasons and the renewal of technical partnership with the Japanese factory.

Cal Crutchlow has confirmed he will be remaining with the LCR Honda Team for the next two years, with the British rider having signed a two-year deal with HRC.

The Independent LCR outfit have also announced a renewal of their technical partnership with the Japanese manufacturer for the same period, with the relationship having proved a successful one with Cal Crutchlow has been riding the Honda RC213V since 2015 taking two MotoGP™ victories along the way, two second places and two third places so far.

Tetsuhiro Kuwata, HRC Director – General Manager Race Operations Management Division: “We’re very happy to continue working with the LCR Team and with Cal for the next two seasons. We really appreciate the work they’re doing, and we decided to confirm our relationship and even elevate it by having Cal under contract directly with HRC. We wish Cal and Lucio all the best for the remainder of this season and those to come!”

Cal Crutchlow confirming with “I am very happy to confirm that I will be riding for HRC with the LCR Team again for two more seasons. We have worked extremely hard over the last three seasons together and I am positive that we will enjoy more great results together. I would like to thank HRC for the great support they offer me and our team, and I look forward to giving my hundred percent to this project as always.”

Lucio Cecchinello, LCR Honda’s Team Principal: added “Cal is undoubtedly one of the most competitive and talented riders in MotoGP, and thanks to HRC’s support, we are honoured to work with him again for the next two years. Cal gave us our first ever victory in the premier class of MotoGP and further important results. I want to thank all those who worked and supported this project so far, first and foremost HRC”.

With the next two years confirmed and stability within the team we hope to see some more podium finishes from Cal and the LCR team. Good luck from us all.

Find Inner Peace On A Motorcycle – John Metzger

Meditation by Motorcycle - Cover
Author John Metzger's latest book is certainly an unusual subject! Maybe he's right.

Find inner peace on a motorcycle ….

This advice is what many rider’s have probably known for years – you can find Nirvana on a the back of a bike.

Rider and author, John Metzger has written a book: “Meditation by Motorcycle – Ride Your Carbon Footprint to the Apex of Enlightenment” in which he shares the spiritual lessons he learned over his lifetime of riding.

Told with a dash of humour and irony, the self-help book gives insight into how to achieve enlightenment and to find those moments of Nirvana in our busy lives.

Metzger says he always wanted to be meditative but found brute horsepower more attractive instead of peace and tranquillity.

“We respect the ancient wisdom, but instead seek mindfulness and presence through the cosmic forces of internal combustion, adrenalin and an expanded carbon footprint.”

“The motorcycle enables the perfect relationship between rhythmic movement and internal stillness, drawing out the physical life force like no other.”

We’re not quite sure what he means, but we can all agree the best place to be is on a motorcycle and on the open road.

Yamaha Launches 2018 YZ450F

2018 Yamaha YZ450F.

Yamaha have launched their latest motocross bike, the 2018 Yamaha YZ450F, a 450cc model with enhanced power, handling and rider interaction.

Available in Australian dealerships from August, the new Yamaha YZ450F will retail for $12,399 and also feature a new engine, a new frame and electric start.

The YZ450F will be the first of its kind, fitted with a wireless smartphone based engine tuner allowing the owner to control the engine setup via an app.

The Yamaha Power Tuner can make fuel and ignition mapping changes as well as logging information on location, conditions and setting all remotely from the track side.

Power transfer has been improved by upgrades to the engine internal design as well as updates to the transmission and clutch.

A new frame design along with a lighter radiator, exhaust, cylinder head, fuel tank, battery and many other components provide better weight distribution and an overall lighter vehicle.

Ride quality and capability have also been boosted with fully adjustable KYB fork suspension and speed sensitive dampening shocks plus slightly more ground clearance and a longer wheelbase.

The bike will be available in Yamaha blue and a special edition white with only 100 of these up for grabs.2018 Yamaha YZ450F

Suzuki VIP Show Continues Around The Country

Suzuki New Model VIP Customer Night
Suzuki has three more VIP events planned for Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The Suzuki VIP Motorcycle Road Show is making its way across the country showing off the lastest in Suzuki street bikes.

After the first of the special nights in Brisbane last week, the roadshow continues in Sydney this Thursday.

  • Sydney, ParkRoyal – June 22
  • Melbourne, Olsen Hotel – July 6
  • Perth, Crown Perth – July 13

The show will display many new models ahead of their release dates later this month.

Attendees get the chance to check out the new generation Suzuki motorcycles including the GSX-R1000 & GSX-R1000R Supersports, V-Strom 650 and V-Strom 1000 adventure touring range, GSX-S750 middleweight street fighter, GSX250R urban commuter, GSX-R125 small-bore race replica and the GSX-S125 lightweight naked.

There will also be the chance to win a Suzuki GSX250R.

It’s a free event but requires registration at the Suzuki website.

Yamaha Cleans Up At Finke

Stokie stamps his name in Finke History
Alice Springs native Daymon Stokie has taken out the prestigious Finke Desert race title for 2017.

The Tatts Finke Desert Race is done and dusted for another year with Yamaha putting on a good showing winning in several categories.

Daymon Stokie took out the main competition in the motorcycle division in a time of four hours eleven minutes.

It was a clean sweep of the top five places in the Under 1200cc UTV category for the Yamaha YXZ1000R and a trifecta in the ATV class.

Taking out first place in the UTVs was the team of brothers, Jake and Aiden Williams (pictured) coming back from fifth place on the first day at Finke, making up 14 minutes to win by a minute.

Yamaha Claim Class Crowns at 2017 Finke
Jake and Aiden Williams on their class winning YXZ1000R.

It was also a family affair in the ATV group with Van Vliet brothers, Mitchell and Jake finishing one-two on their Yamaha YFZ450Rs.

Daymon Stokie Wins Finke

Stokie stamps his name in Finke History

Alice Springs native Daymon Stokie took out the prestigious Finke Desert Race title for 2017.

Stokie finished a tight race in a time of 4 hours and 11 minutes ahead of Ivan Long by only 3 minutes.

The return trip from Alice Springs to Finke over two days was led by David Walsh after the first leg with Stokie in second.

The Active8 Yamalube Yamaha rider gained the lead after Walsh was left stranded and didn’t look back until the finish line.

Mounted on his Yamaha WR500F, Stokie had to endure a hand injury from a previous event to hold out his competition in the Northern Territory.

Daymon says the win was unbelievable with lady luck on his side.

“I knew catching David was a tough ask but sometimes things go your way and we got a little lucky with that but that’s the way it goes at Finke, it just isn’t an easy race to win.”

Free DCT Upgrade For Honda Africa Twin

2017 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin
The Honda Africa Twin (CRF1000L) comes with free Dual Clutch Transmission for a limited time.

Honda Motorcycles is offering new customers free auto DCT with every Honda Africa Twin ABS for a limited time.

The 1000cc parallel twin adventure touring bike is available with a dual clutch transmission that features two automatic modes – “D” mode that gives a fantastic balance of fuel economy and comfort cruising, and “S” mode with three different sports shift patterns.

But of course a standard manual mode is always on hand for more precision.

Improving traction and reducing clutch slip is a cinch with a press of the “G” switch on the right of the instrument panel which also provides incline detection, adapting the shift pattern for those steeper off-road sections.

The Honda Africa Twin is the bike of choice for former MotoGP rider Daryl Beattie on his tours across Australia as it has everything he needs for all types of riding.

“You get the best of both worlds from the DCT as you gain the ease of having the auto but you can still switch to manual if you feel like it.”

It was also the bike used by our own Christophe Barriere-Varju in the National Geographic film Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar, in which Christophe took former Miss World and Miss Universe Australia Laura Csortan on a cross country trek following the path of the early Dakar Rallies.

Laura rode the DCT version of the bike in the film.

And of course the Honda Africa Twin won bikesales.com.au inaugural “Bike of the Year” award.

Barry Sheene Inducted Into Motor Sport Hall Of Fame

Barry Sheene
Barry Sheene has been inducted into the Motorsport Hall of Fame in a ceremony in the UK.

The late Barry Sheene has been inducted into the Motor Sport Hall of Fame at a ceremony at the Royal Automobile Club in the UK this week.

Former world champion Fast Freddie Spencer presented the award to Sheene’s sister Margaret Smart and former engineer Martyn Ogborne.

The two-time world champion was selected for the honour from a list of 12 nominees by a public vote joining the likes of Valentino Rossi and John Surtees.

“It’s amazing to be awarded this. I’m thrilled to bits”, said Mrs Smart.

Mat Oxley from Motor Sport Magazine says the accolade was well deserved.

“Sheene was very brave and very hard-working, had the right people around him, and the ability to make things happen. He was also one of those people who lit up a room – he was a performer.”

Barry Sheene won the 500cc world championships in 1976 and 1977 and passed away in 2003 after a short battle with cancer.

Barry Sheene Suzuki

Royal Enfield Launches Limited Edition Redditch 500

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Redditch LE
Royal Enfield has released a Redditch Limited Edition Classic 500 in three colours.

Royal Enfield has released the Redditch 500 Limited Edition adding it to their Classic 350/500 series.

Coming off the back of the Redditch 350 Series, the Limited Edition 500 pays respect to the paint schemes of the bikes produced at the Redditch plant in the UK from the early 1950s with three colour schemes in red, green and blue.

Other styling cues also reflect bikes of the past with seat piping and Redditch monogram as in the 1939 125cc model.

The Royal Enfield Redditch 500 Limited Edition with two years/20,000km warranty and two years roadside assist is priced from $8,790, and is on sale now in dealerships across Australia.