Mar 21, 2019

Welcome to the SMART Rider Program

Would you like to be the best rider you could possibly be?

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The SMART Rider program is a full day training course involving theory sessions, demonstrations, and a mentored road ride in the environment where riders spend most of their time – public roads.

The program has been designed to improve your skills regardless of your current level of experience.

For new and lesser experienced riders the SMART Rider course will expand on the concepts you were taught when getting your motorcycle licence, improve your ability to recognise hazards and give you practical skills to avoid them.

Experienced riders will find that the SMART Rider Program is an economical way to update and refresh your riding skills.

And for those riders who have taken a long break from riding, this is the perfect course to get you comfortable on a motorbike again.

For all riders, the program will also help you fine tune your cornering skills by teaching you to read the road better.

And with improved skills and better decision making, you will find that your confidence in dealing with situations on the road is better as well.

Whether you’ve been riding for a while, you’re just new or coming back to riding after a long break, the SMART Rider program will help you to be a better rider.

Register below or call us on 1300 961 335.

We make this course as affordable and available to you as we possibly can, so the course fees are a very reasonable $145 per person.

But the course is FREE if you live in Jimboomba or the surrounding suburbs (you must live within the Jimboomba Police region) thanks to the support of Jimboomba Police and Logan City Council. The course fee for residents in the Jimboomba region will be paid for by a government grant for a limited time, and the regular fee shown on the booking form will be automatically adjusted back to zero once you have entered a valid address.

How is the course structured?

The day is broken into 3 segments:

  • theory session that covers road craft, observation skills and discusses riders’ attitudes to risk taking. Specifically, the theory component of the day will highlight:
    • observation skills and hazard identification;
    • the effect speed has on reaction and braking distances;
    • safe road oriented cornering lines; and
    • typical reaction times of motorcycle riders and car drivers.
  • practical session to cover the correct use of the major motorcycle controls, posture, steering technique and correct braking techniques.
  • mentored road ride through both suburban and country environments. Instructors will make frequent stops at locations that have previously been identified as being of high risk to motorcyclists to provide information on how to reduce the risk and improve the rider’s safety.

To ensure participants get the maximum benefits from the mentored road ride, numbers will be limited to a student to instructor ratio of 6:1.

To participate in the SMART Rider program you must:

  • own, or have access to, a registered and roadworthy motorcycle;
  • be licensed for the class of motorcycle you are riding on the course; and
  • be comfortable riding at 100km/h on a motorway.

The course is being run by highly experienced trainers who have worked in the industry for many years, and have operated similar programs in the past. Your team of instructors is led by Steve McDowall.

Steve has been coaching riders for 16 years and has 9 years experience as a Q-Ride accredited trainer. He has also contributed to various road safety projects, including the successful community based MATES program that operated from 2008 to 2012.

Questions? Call us on 1300 961 335.

Whether you ride by yourself or with a group of friends, motorcycling should be fun.

But too many riders are being hurt on our roads, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Many more have close calls and some just don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to enjoy their riding experience.

Good riders constantly work to improve their skills. They’re also able to spot risks on the road before they become a problem.

That’s why Motorcycle Life, together with the Australian Road Safety Foundation, has created the SMART Rider Program to help you improve your on-road skills.

The SMART Rider Program will help you to identify risks, give you strategies to avoid them and to make better decisions on the road.

Decisions that will make your riding far more enjoyable … and help to keep you safe.

Why did we take this approach to rider coaching?

The issues with motorcycle safety are many and complex, but common factors across many crashes are a lack of skills, a lack of experience, poor judgement and risk taking.

Advanced rider training courses have been available for many years and marketed or promoted as “post-licence” and “road safety” courses.

These courses are often provided in a race track environment.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that many of these skills based courses have had little or no impact on reducing motorcycle fatalities and injuries on our roads.

This program is different in that it addresses issues and develops rider’s skills that relate to riding in suburban and rural areas safely.

Two projects were launched in 2008 to address the rising motorcycle fatality and injury rates around the Gold Coast region at that time – the Gold Coast City Council’s “Safer Motorcycle Advanced Rider Training” program and MATES, a community motorcycle road safety initiative.

The “Safer Motorcycle Advanced Rider Training” program was operated and subsidised by the Council, and provided affordable on-road training to riders.

MATES had the support of the Queensland Department of Transport, Queensland Police Service and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services but operated as a community group.

The two projects had the same goal – to improve riders’ skills and reduce the number of crashes.

The SMART Rider Program draws on the success of those original programs, taking their best features and adding the latest information and training techniques.